Bellamy & Child European Union Law of Competition Eighth Edition


  • The leading practitioner work in EU competition law, acclaimed for its precise and authoritative statement of legal concepts and extensive citation of legislation, case law, and decisional practice
  • Detailed coverage of all key areas including Articles 101, 102, and 106, merger control, State aids, intellectual property, sectoral regimes, and remedies
  • Expanded reference to decisions and judgments of national competition authorities (NCAs) and national courts
  • Fully updated in its eighth edition, this is the essential resource for all EU competition lawyers

New to this Edition:

  • Analysis of new competition case law from the General Court and Court of Justice, particularly jurisprudence relating to essential concepts within Articles 101 and 102 TFEU.
  • Coverage of the EU Damages Directive and the European Commission recommendations on collective redress, with a focus on the growth of private enforcement.
  • Evaluation of settlement decisions following the Commission’s adoption of a settlement procedure for cartel cases.
  • Discussion of the EU’s revised regime for transfer technology agreements.

Now in its eighth edition, Bellamy & Child is the leading authority on EU competition law. It offers a clear and comprehensive exposition of law and procedure, with exhaustive citation of judicial and legislative authorities. Fully up-to-date with major developments in substantive law and case law, this is an essential purchase for EU competition law practitioners.

Table of Contents

1.EU Competition Law and its Territorial Reach, David Bailey
2:Article 101(1), David Bailey
3:Article 101(3), George Lusty & Saskia King
4:Market Definition, Philip Woolfe & Julianne Kerr Morrison
5:Cartels, Frances Barr
6:Non-Covert Horizontal Cooperation, James Aitken & Alastair Chapman
7:Vertical Agreements Affecting Distribution or Supply, Rob Williams & Ben Lask
8:Merger Control, John Boyce & Anna Lyle-Smythe
9:Intellectual Property Rights, Oke Odudu
10:Article 102, Rhodri Thompson QC, Christopher Brown, Nicholas Gibson
11:The Competition Rules and the Acts of Member States, Josh Holmes QC & David Gregory
12:Sectoral Regimes, Stephen Hurley, Ligia Osepciu, Robert Wells, Fabio Falconi, Manish Das
13:Enforcement and Procedure, Tim Ward QC, James Bourke, Milan Kristof
14:Fines for Substantive Infringements, Anthony Dawes & Josephine Norris
15:The Enforcement of the Competition Rules by National Competition Authorities, Ben Rayment & Nikolaus Grubeck
16:Litigating Infringements in the National Courts, Jon Turner QC, Anneli Howard, Michael Armitage
17:State Aids, George Peretz QC & Daisy Mackersi

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Published: 20 December 2018

ISBN: 9780198794752

Author Information

Edited by David Bailey, Barrister, Brick Court Chambers, and Laura Elizabeth John, Barrister, Monckton Chambers

David Bailey is a Barrister at Brick Court Chambers and a Visiting Professor of Law at King’s College London.

Laura Elizabeth John is a Barrister at Monckton Chambers.


James Aitken
Michael Armitage
David Bailey
Frances Barr
Alan Bates
James Bourke
John Boyce
Christopher Brown
Alastair Chapman
Manish Das
Anthony Dawes
Fabio Falconi
Nicholas Gibson
David Gregory
Josh Holmes
Anneli Howard
Stephen Hurley
Laura Elizabeth John
Saskia King
Ronit Kreisberger
Milan Kristof
Ben Lask
George Lusty
Anna Lyle-Smythe
Daisy Mackersie
Julianne Kerr Morrison
Josephine Norris
Oke Odudu
Ligia Osepciu
George Peretz QC
Ben Rayment
Nikolaus Grubeck
Rhodri Thompson QC
Jon Turner QC
Tim Ward QC
Robert Wells
Rob Williams
Philip Woolfe


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