Francis Gurry’s famous work Breach of Confidence, published in 1984, was groundbreaking and invaluable in the field of intellectual property as the first text to synthesise the then burgeoning case law of breach of confidence into a systematic form. A highly regarded book, it was first point of resort for practitioners and a key source for judges.

Alpin, Bentley and Malynicz bring us a new edition of this important work, fully updating it in light of the developments since the first edition and adding new material on the history and current relevance of the action, as well as on comparative legal protection of confidential information within Europe.

?New edition of the famouse Breach of Confidence by Francis Gurry, the first book in its field dealing with the British law of confidence
?Fully updated in light of the numerous legislative developments of the last two decades, which have included the TRIPS agreement Agreement, the European Data Protection Directive, and the Technology Transfer Regulation
?New coverage of choice of applicable law and jurisdictional issues, reflecting the international nature of many business transactions in the current climate
?The book is written by three authors, all highly respected in intellectual property law, combining the expertise of academics and practitioners
To be published in Sept 2011.

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Authors: Alpin, Bentley and Malynicz


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