Competition Enforcement and Procedure Second Edition


  • The first work to disentangle the procedural complexities of the interplay between administrative, criminal and civil proceedings in EU and UK competition law and globally
  • Offers in-depth analysis of the EU Directive on damages actions and the UK reforms of public and private enforcement
  • Covers arbitration and ADR and recent developments and issues arising in this little explored area of private enforcement
  • Discusses the policies and principles that underpin the law to provide an insight into future developments and possible approaches to as yet unresolved problems
  • Provides practical solutions for parties involved in public and private enforcement in domestic and international cases
  • Written by a leading competition law academic with significant experience as an enforcer and in private practice

This is the first work to disentangle the procedural complexities of the interplay between public and private enforcement of competition law in the EU and in the UK as well as in its transnational, multi-jurisdictional dimension. Now in its second edition, the work considers a number of crucially important legal developments in relation to the enforcement of competition law globally and within the European Union including the EU Directive on damages actions, the reforms of the UK public enforcement regime in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, the reforms of the UK private enforcement regime brought about by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and recent case law developments on public and private enforcement.

This volume contains an in-depth examination of the principles and policies underlying the interplay of administrative, criminal and civil proceedings and explains in detail the practical solutions and strategies available in light of the relevant legislation and case law.

Fully revised and updated with developments in jurisprudence across the US, UK, and EU, this is the most comprehensive and authoritative practitioner guide to this fast-moving and complex area of law.

Table of Contents

1:Concurrent Enforcement of Competition Law
2:Administrative Proceedings
2:Civil Proceedings
4:Criminal Proceedings
5:Fundamental rights and General Principles
6:Admissability and Effect of Decisions in Other Proceedings
7:Disclosure and Admissibility of Evidence
8:Case Management and Stays
9:Arbitration and ADR

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Published: 25 August 2016

ISBN: 9780199578832

Author Information

Renato Nazzini, Professor of Law, King’s College London

Renato Nazzini is Professor of Law and Director of Research of the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at King’s College London.


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