Contentious Probate Claims


It explains what contested probate is and how it relates to the non-contentious probate system and other relevant areas. The book shows how to challenge a will and takes the user through each stage of the proceedings. It also includes a chapter on testamentary capacity.

  • Sets out the substantive law in a clear and readble manner
  • Provides clear, straightforward guidance on an increasingly complex and technical area of law
  • Takes the practitioner through evidence and procedure step-by-step
  • Covers CPR Part 57 and also the jurisdiction of the Family Division (Probate) under the Non Contentious Probate Rules
  • Shows how to prepare a case, both pre-trial and at trial
  • Includes guidance on alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation
  • Offers guidance on costs
  • Contains all relevant statutory material and Rules, protocols, precedents, pleadings and forms, and case summaries of recent key case law
  • Includes checklists to ensure each stage is completed correctly
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Author: Andrew Francis, Hedley Marten

ISBN13: 9780421849402
Format: Paperback


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