Judicial Review 4th edition


Now in its fourth edition, Supperstone, Goudie & Walker: Judicial Review still provides an authoritative and comprehensive text on the entire law of judicial review. Fully updated, this title provides a thorough, detailed analysis of this complex area of law from a team of judicial review experts.

It contains an essential account of relevant cases plus examples of the application of the general principles, covering the law of judicial review in a number of areas, including local government, town and country planning, immigration and housing and social security.

Supperstone, Goudie & Walker: Judicial Review is the only title that gives the depth and expertise of guidance needed to enable practitioners to advise and make decisions with complete confidence.



1. Introduction;
2. Judicial Review: The Historical Background;
3. Judicial Review: Its Provenance and Scope;
4. The Human Rights Act and Judicial Review;
5. The Ambit of Judicial Review;
6. Illegality: The Problem of Jurisdiction;
7. Discretionary and Duty – The Limits of Legality;
8. Unreasonableness and Proportionality;
9. Procedural Rules and Consultation;
10. Natural Justice and Fairness-The Audi Alteram Partem Rule;
11. Bias-Interest and Favour;
12. Other Grounds of Review;
13. Crown Proceedings;
14. European Union Law;
15. Remedies: Mandatory, Probiliting and Quashing Orders;
16. Declarations, Injunctions and Money and Restitutionary Remedies;
17. Restrictions on the Availability of Judicial Review;
18. Procedure: The Early Stages;
19. Procedure: Hearing and Appeals;
20. Devolution;
21. Judicial Review in Scotland

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Authors: Sir Michael Supperstone, James Goudie QC, Sir Paul Walker

ISBN: 9781405749138

Format: Hardcover



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