Law and Justice in Malaysia – 2020 and Beyond


This book surveys the landscape of law and justice in Malaysia now and beyond through a re-evaluation of Vision 2020. It contains the views and analyses of pre-eminent legal thinkers and writers, with a variety of perspectives, from across the ethnic and religious divide, on the role of law within a more holistic view of Malaysia’s development and with a broad understanding of justice.

The present political landscape of the country makes the analyses presented in this book even more relevant. The chapters of this book cover a vast terrain and disparate subject matter, both public and private in nature. Some unique features of Malaysian law, such as constitutional supremacy, legal pluralism and the space given to Indigenous law and Islamic law, are considered.

Part 1, “Law and Government”, focuses on public law matters: law and development; Indigenous land rights, constitutional law and public prosecution.
Part 2, “Family and Finance”, examines matters related more to the private sector: family law, children’s rights and Islamic finance.

This book should be of interest to lawyers, judges, judicial officers, academia, civil society groups and everyone concerned with law and justice in Malaysia.


Insightful and critical analyses of issues
Distinguished panel of legal thinkers and writers
Consideration of topics highly relevant to the Malaysian legal and political landscape
Extensive citation of sources and legal authorities for further reference
Critical discussion of Malaysia’s 2020 constitutional crisis

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By Salim Farrar and Paul Subramaniam
Pub Date: Sep 2021
Format: DUO (PB + ProView eBook)
DUO ISBN: 978 967 2919 544


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