Law of Negotiable Instruments is the only detailed and comprehensive work dealing with the subject of negotiable instruments in Singapore and Malaysia. The previous edition of the Law of Negotiable Instruments (Sixth Edition) was completed in September 2006. This new edition comes almost seven and a half years after the last edition. A new layout has been adopted for the seventh edition and it incorporates the legal developments that have taken place in this area of the law both in Singapore and Malaysia since the last edition, from September 2006 to March 2014.

Key Features:

Comprehensive and detailed update to previous edition
– Takes into account revisions to the Bills of Exchange Act (Cap 23), including provisions for the truncation of cheques
– Significant case law development in Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom considered
– Only book of its kind dealing with negotiable instruments in Singapore
– Inclusion of many decisions which were not considered in earlier editions of the book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 2: Form of Instrument
Chapter 3: Signing Instrument
Chapter 4: Filling In Instrument
Chapter 5: Inchoate Instruments
Chapter 6: Negotiation of Instrument
Chapter 7: Presentment for Payment
Chapter 8: Suing On a Negotiable Instrument
Chapter 9: Cheques and Promissory Notes
Chapter 10: Forgery and Material Alteration
Chapter 11: Holder’s Rights
Chapter 12: Liability of Parties
Chapter 13: Paying Banker’s Statutory Protection
Chapter 14: Collecting Banker’s Statutory Protection

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Edition :Seventh Edition
Country :Singapore
Published Date :2014


About the Author(s):  Poh Chu Chai

Dr Poh Chu Chai teaches courses on the Law of Insurance; Banking Law; and Credit and Security at the Faculty. His research interests are in the areas of Banking and Insurance laws. He is the author of the following books: Law of Banking (Third Edition); Law of Insurance (Fourth Edition); Law of Negotiable Instruments (Sixth Edition); Law of Banker and Customer (Fifth Edition); Law of Pledges, Guarantees and Letters of Credit (Fifth Edition); Principles of Insurance Law (Sixth Edition); Law of Life, Motor and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance (Sixth Edition); Banking Law (Second Edition); Guarantees and Performance Bonds (Second Edition); General Insurance Law; Motor and Work Injury Insurance. The books have been widely cited by the courts in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong as legal authorities.


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