Law of Torts in Malaysia, 3rd Edition


This book is a valuable source of the basic legal principles of the law of torts in Malaysia and is a useful base from which to proceed to more advanced legal texts for further research. It has been written to provide its readers with a strong foundation in researching the law of torts in Malaysia. As this area of law is very much based on common law, the copious citation of case authorities from other common law jurisdictions should prove very useful. This book is written in easy-to-understand language.

The discussion is succinct and is supported by relevant cases and statutory provisions. It facilitates a good understanding of various common torts including negligence, defamation, occupiers’ liability, nuisance, Rylands v Fletcher strict liability, trespass and interference with goods, as well as emerging torts like conspiracy, passing-off and breach of confidence.

The applicable defences and remedies are discussed in detail. This new edition of the highly popular Law of Torts in Malaysia brings the text up-to-date with developments since its previous edition in 2003. It seeks to continue to fulfil its objective as a primary reference and to generally meet the needs of all those involved with law as a foundation text on the law of torts in Malaysia.

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Author: Norchaya Talib

ISBN: 9789675040450


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