Markesinis and Deakin’s Tort Law 7th ed


Markesinis and Deakin’s Tort Law is an authoritative, analytical, and well-established textbook, now in its 7th edition. It provides a general overview of the law and full discussion of the academic debates on all major topics, highlighting the relationship between the common law, legislation, and judicial policy.

In addition, the authors provide a variety of comparative and economic perspectives on the law of tort and its likely development, always placing the subject in its socio-economic context thereby giving students a deeper and richer understanding of tort law.


:I Setting the scene

1: Introduction

II The tort of negligence

2: Establishing liability in principle

3: Other elements of liability

III Special forms of negligence

4: Liability of occupiers and builders

5: Breach of statutory duty

6: Liability of statutory bodies

IV Interference with the person

7: Intentional interference

8: Malicious prosecution

V Land and chattels and intentional interference with economic interests

9: Interference with chattels

10: Land

11: Lesser interferences with land nuisance

12: Deceit

13: The economic torts

VI Stricter forms of liability

14: The rule of Rylands v Fletcher

15: Liability for animals

16: Employer’s liability

17: Vicarious liability

18: Product liability

VII Protection of human dignity (in private law)

19: Defamation and injurious falsehood

20: Privacy

VIII: Defences and remedies

21: Defences

22: Damages

23: Other remedies and multiple liabilities

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ISBN13: 9780199591985
Published: October 2012
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Paperback


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