Medical Negligence in Malaysia: Cases and Commentary


As the frontiers of medical knowledge and technology are continually challenged, the performance of medical professionals and providers of medical care is increasingly put under scrutiny. Higher expectations are placed on the standard of treatment, skill and care provided by medical processionals. This has led to increasingly more medical negligence claims.

This is the first book to be written on medical negligence case law in Malaysia, comprising cases from the 1960’s to the present. It provides a useful compilation of local medical negligence decisions. The facts and brief holding are presented clearly followed by relevant excerpts of the courts’ decisions. Key subject terms which precede each case provide a quick guide to its scope and content.

Illuminating notes are provided after a case to explain and analyse the case. Some notes also compare and contrast selected cases or discuss the development of Malaysian law in the light of legal developments in other countries. The comments of the author are easy to understand and thought provoking and thus make the subject matter interesting.

The introductory chapter gives an overview of development of medical negligence law in Malaysia and discusses the key issues concerning the application of the Bolam principle until the Federal Court ruling in Foo Fio Na.

This book will be useful for the medical profession, lawyers, judges and hospital administrators.

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Author: Puteri Nemie Jahn Kassim

ISBN: 9789675040306


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