Smith, Hogan, & Ormerod’s Criminal Law (15th Ed)


This book, in its fifteenth edition, has been completely updated to include all legislative and case law developments and detailed analysis of the many recent developments since the last edition. In particular, there has been a significant revision of the chapter dealing with secondary liability and joint enterprise following the decision of the Supreme Court in Jogee. The material on dishonesty has also been rewritten following the Supreme Court’s decision in Ivey v Genting Casinos. Changes brought about through the Policing and Crime Act 2017 and Criminal Finances Act 2017 have been incorporated. The book begins with an introduction of definitions of crime and an explanation of the sources of criminal law followed by detailed analysis of the elements of a crime (actus reus and mens rea) including negligence and strict liability. Secondary liability is examined with an emphasis on analysing the recent decision of the Supreme Court in Jogee, before exploring corporate and vicarious liability. Mental condition defences and the Law Commission’s proposals to reform them are examined alongside issues relating to mistake and intoxication. A comprehensive review of general defences includes the Court of Appeal’s controversial approach to self-defence in householder cases. The final chapter of the general part provides a detailed review of inchoate offences. The second part of the book examines specific offences including murder, manslaughter, other homicide offences, non-fatal offences, sexual offences, theft, and robbery, and considers the Fraud Act 2006, burglary, offences of damages to property, offences against public order and road traffic offences

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David Ormerod and Karl Laird


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