Tort Law 6th ed


This best-selling undergraduate textbook from leading academics Kirsty Horsey & Erika Rackley gives a comprehensive grounding in tort law and carefully chosen learning features help students to become engaged and critical thinkers.

This lively and though-provoking account allows students to understand rather than simply learn the law. The problem questions in each chapter help students to understand how the law works in its practical context and to begin to consider potential issues and debates. Carefully chosen features such as ‘counterpoint’ and ‘pause for reflection’ boxes enable students to think more deeply and critically about the law.


1: Introduction
Part I.

The Tort of Negligence

2: Introduction to the tort of negligence

3: Duty of care: basic principles

4: Special duty problems: omissions and acts of third parties

5: Special duty problems: psychiatric harm

6: Special duty problems: public bodies

7: Special duty problems: economic loss

8: Breach of duty: the standard of care

9: Causation and remoteness of damage

10: Defences to negligence
Part II. Special Liability Regimes

11:Occupiers’ liability

12: Product liability

13: Breach of statutory duty

Part III. The Personal Torts

14: Intentional interferences with the person

15: Invasion of privacy

16: Defamation
Part IV. The Land Torts

17: Trespass to land and nuisance

18: Actions under the rule of Rylands v Fletcher
Part V. Liability, Damages and Limitations

19: Vicarious Liability

20: Damages for death and personal injuries
Appendix: Annotated problem questions

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ISBN13: 9780198829270
Published: August 2019
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Paperback


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