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This platform consists of journals encompassing several Commonwealth law jurisdictions:
India 9.5+M | United Kingdom 220k+ | Australia 5k+ | Canada 16 | Malaysia 4k+
Probate book

Author: Dato’ R. K. Nandy
This book offers a comprehensive examination of Malaysian law and procedure concerning probate grants and estate administration by the High Court, covering both contentious and non-contentious proceedings. It delves into the process of obtaining letters of representation and distributing assets to beneficiaries. Additionally, it explores estate administration by administrative bodies such as the Estate Distribution Division and the Public Trust Corporation, as well as Islamic estate administration overseen by the Syariah Court. With over 400 cited cases, it serves as a valuable resource for legal practitioners and scholars alike.
PRICE: RM 390.00
OFFER: RM 350.00
Author: Dato’ R. K. Nandy
I commend the author R.K.Nandy for this treatise on the law of wills. This compendium of the law will prove invaluable to the legal profession. The book also gives an insight into current areas of development of the law and notes with interest a reference to digital wills. I also commend the section of the book on Islamic Wills and Hibah. This now occupies an important part of the legal landscape on the law on Wills and this area covered by the book is timely.
From the Forward by ‘Datuk Dr.Prasad Sandhosam Abraham’
PRICE: RM 390.00
OFFER: RM 350.00

PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS | 3rd Edition (Sept 2023)
S.Santhana Dass (2 Volumes)

In the Third Edition, the author updates case laws and incorporates key legislative changes impacting personal injury law, discussing procedural rules for claims, trials, and appeals. The book covers liability, negligence, and nuisance leading to injury claims, focusing on damage assessment principles, addressing recurring issues, and suggesting areas needing legislative attention. The author touches on the role of the Compendium of Personal Injury Awards and debates making it compulsory for award consistency. Topics include awards for long-term care, managed funds for damages, and compensating amputees. The book’s appeal lies in being expertly written for legal practitioners, offering up-to-date insights for understanding personal injury law and procedural rules.

Forward by Datuk S. Nantha Balan
Judge Court of Appeal,
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Hardback: RM 690.00
OFFER: RM 620.00