Guide to the Prevention of Money Laundering Act & Proceeds of Crime

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Author: Wadhwa Law Chambers
Edition: 2022
Language: English
Country: India

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This book works on ‘The Money Laundering Act & Proceeds of Crime. The Commentary is a result of immense collaboration between all the partners and specialist editors of the Wadhwa Law Chamber. It presents commentary that systematically deals with all key aspects of the PMLA. It presents a provision-wise discussion of The PMLA and is supplemented by judgments of courts and tribunals, Committee Reports, and other relevant materials. Many reported and unreported judgments relating to PMLA have been mentioned in the book to make it as exhaustive as possible including foreign judgments. The commentary through its exhaustive inclusion of all these judgments provides an adequate number of judicial pronouncements to assist the reader. The present book deserves special appreciation for its examination of legislation and applicable case law of the U.K and the U.S. Adding to this, the publishers have also incorporated critiques of provisions and judgments wherever necessary.  It also provides guidelines that PMLA must meet through a practical explanation of the provisions, compliance requirements, investigations, and the wider consequences of money laundering.

This book will be a valuable resource to advocates, judges, and investigating agencies. While the PMLA is destined to undergo significant evolution over the coming months, The present book, with its huge depth of case reference and in-depth critical examination of all relevant statutes, will stand to provide the most up-to-date guide on the law of the PMLA.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Preliminary [Sections 1 – 2]
Chapter 2: Offence of Money-Laundering [Sections 3-4]
Chapter 3: Attachment, Adjudication, and Confiscation [Sections 5-11A]
Chapter 4: Obligations of Banking Companies, Financial Institutions, and Intermediaries [Sections 12-15]
Chapter 5: Summons, Searches, and Seizures, ETC [Sections 16-24]
Chapter 6: Appellate Tribunal [Sections 25-42]
Chapter 7: Special Courts [Sections 43-47]
Chapter 8: Authorities [Sections 48-54]
Chapter 9: Reciprocal Arrangements for Assistance in Certain Matters and Procedure for Attachment and Confiscation of Property [Sections 55-61]
Chapter 10: Miscellaneous [Sections 62-75]

Part 1: Statutes: Acts, Rules & Regulations [Appendix 1 -13]
Part 2: Allied Law Appendix [Appendix 14-20]
Part 3: Offences Under Various Statutes [Appendix 21-48]
Part 4: Amendment Acts [Appendix 49-51]
Part 5: Committee Reports [Appendix 52-55]
Part 6: Recommendations [Appendix 56 – 57]
Part 7: Miscellaneous [Appendix 58 – 59]
Part 8: Notifications [Appendix 60]

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