Redfern & Hunter on International Arbitration, 7th Edition


Authors: Nigel Blackaby KCConstantine Partasides KC, and Alan Redfern
ISBN: 9780192869913
Published: 27 October 2022
Format: Paperback
Country: UK


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Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration is an established treatise on the law and practice of international arbitration, the pre-eminent method for the peaceful resolution of disputes in international trade, investment, and commerce. This book serves as an introduction, following the chronology of arbitration from the drafting of the arbitration agreement right through to the enforcement of the arbitral award. Written by an author team with extensive experience as counsel and arbitrators, the book has been read and cited by international lawyers, arbitrators, and judges, and has become a key learning text for teachers, students, and potential arbitrators in colleges and universities across the world.

The seventh edition has been significantly revised to incorporate the latest significant developments in the field, including changes in investor-state dispute resolution, leading court decisions on arbitration matters in a wider number of jurisdictions, changes in the ‘soft law’ of leading international arbitral institutions and of the International Bar Association, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the practice of international arbitration.

Table of Contents:
1 An Overview of International Arbitration
2:Agreement to Arbitrate
3:Applicable Laws
4 The Establishment and Organisation of an Arbitral Tribunal
5:Powers, Duties, and Jurisdiction of an Arbitral Tribunal
6:Conduct of the Proceedings
7 The Role of National Courts during the Proceedings
8:Arbitration under Investment Treaties
9: The Award
10:Challenge of Arbitral Awards
11:Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

Redfern & Hunter is more than the ever-green reference work par excellence on international arbitration; its authors have always contributed their erudition to ageless matters of conjecture and discernment.” – Professor Jan Paulsson, University of Miami Law School

“This is undoubtedly a must-have work in the library of any student, arbitrator, or lawyer acting in international arbitration in any jurisdiction.” – Marcelo Roberto Ferro, FCDG

Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration has proved itself as an influential text, both for students and first-timers in the international area, as well as for more experienced practitioners looking to identify generally applicable principles developed through practice and relevant to both substance and the procedural rules of international tribunals.” – Professor Julian DM Lew KC, Queen Mary University of London, Twenty Essex


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