Law of Notices and Model Forms | Iyer

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INCORPORATED WITH ”Summons and Warrants”

Author: Iyer’s
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN: 9789381308219
Format: Hardcover

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Laws pertaining to notices are procedural laws or adjective laws and therefore, have to be followed with the greatest possible degree of care and diligence. Law does not excuse mistakes commited in drawing up notice, especially in respect of those which are statutory and mandatory. It must be scrupulously noticed that the notices failing to satisfy the needs of requirements of a statute are fatal for the suit to be instituted. Bona fide mistakes, honestly made stand, however on a different footing. Mistakes which do not violate or infringe or contravene the provisions of law or affect the cause of action are generally excused.

The book explains the significance of notice, and is lucid and exhaustive The treatment and arrangement of chapters is analytical. Precise synopsis with proper head-note is given with page number under almost each chapter to facilitate quick and easy reference to a provision on a particular point.


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