A Practical Guide to Personal Data Protection

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Author: Adlin Abdul Majid, Eleena Abd Wahab, Arissa Ahrom
ISBN: 9789672702061
Date of Publication: Aug 2023

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Although the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 was enforced almost ten years ago in November 2013, implementing this law in day-to-day activities and operations remains a challenge for organizations and individuals alike. This book offers guidance in navigating compliance with the PDPA 2010 and seeks to provide practical solutions to common issues faced when balancing the right to privacy, the protection and security of personal data, and the needs and operations of businesses.

This book explores the key concepts of the PDPA 2010, as well as other crucial aspects of personal data processing. These include:

  • Data protection principles;
  • Sector-specific requirements applicable to the utilities, private healthcare, banking and insurance, and telecommunications industries;
  • Processing personal data in the context of employment;
  • Powers of the Personal Data Protection Commissioner;
  • Managing data breaches;
  • Implications of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation on Malaysian Organizations; and
  • Proposed amendments to the PDPA 2010.

This book is an excellent source of reference for law students, legal practitioners and those responsible for the processing of personal data within an organisation.

  • Real-world examples: Use of real-world examples illustrating how data protection principles are applied in various scenarios. These examples help readers relate the concepts to everyday situations, enhancing comprehension and application.
  • A global view: In addition to focusing on the PDPA 2010, the book compares data protection regulations from other jurisdictions, providing readers with a global perspective on data privacy practices and enabling them to navigate differences in international compliance.
  • Suitable for various audiences: The book caters to a diverse audience, from legal practitioners, data protection officers, or compliance officers, as well as students. Its versatility makes it a valuable resource for professionals across different sectors.
  • Futuristic insights: Anticipating future trends in data privacy, the authors discuss emerging technologies and potential legislative developments. This forward-looking approach ensures that readers are prepared for the evolving landscape of data protection.

Table of contents
Part I Introduction
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010
Chapter 2 Privacy vs Data Protection
Chapter 3 Data Privacy and Technology
Part II Processing of Personal Data
Chapter 4 Data Protection Principles
Chapter 5 Exemptions
Chapter 6 Rights of Data Subjects
Chapter 7 Transfer of Personal Data
Part III Sector Specific Requirements
Chapter 8 Data User Forum
Chapter 9 Utilities
Chapter 10 Private Healthcare
Chapter 11 Banking and Insurance
Chapter 12 Telecommunications
Chapter 13 Aviation
Part IV Employment Issues
Chapter 14 Managing Employee Data
Part V Enforcement
Chapter 15 The PDP Commissioner
Chapter 16 Managing Data Breaches
Part VI The European General Data Protection Regulation
Chapter 17 Implications of the EU GDPR
Chapter 18 Proposed Amendments to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010


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