Administrative Law,11th Edition


Wade and Forsyth’s Administrative Law has been a cornerstone text since its first edition in 1961. It provides a comprehensive and perceptive account of the principles of judicial review and the administrative arrangements of the United Kingdom. For over fifty years, Administrative Law has been trusted by students in the UK and internationally and is extensively cited by Courts in England and Wales.

The book’s clarity of exposition makes it accessible to the student approaching the subject for the first time, whilst its breadth of coverage and perceptive insight ensure its value to all interested in this field, academics and practitioners alike.



Part I. Introduction 1: Introduction 2: Constitutional foundations of the powers of the courts Part II. Authorities and functions 3: The central government 4: Local and devolved government 5: Public corporations, privatisation and regulation Part III. European influences 6: Incorporation of European law Part IV. Powers and jurisdiction 7: Legal nature of powers 8: Jurisdiction over fact and law 9: Problems of invalidity Part V. Discretionary power 10: Retention of discretion 11: Abuse of discretion Part VI. Natural justice 12: Natural justice and legal justice 13: The rule against bias 14: The right to a fair hearing Part VII. Remedies and liability 15: Ordinary remedies 16: Prerogative remedies 17: Boundaries of judicial review 18: Procedure of judicial review 19: Restrictions of remedies 20: Liability of public authorities 21: Crown proceedings Part VIII. Administrative legislation and adjudication 22: Delegated legislation 23: Statutory tribunals 24: Statutory and other inquiries

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Author: H.W.R. Wade & C.F. Forsyth


ISBN: 9780199683703



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