Affidavits play a major role in dispensing justice and many proceedings, particularly those of an interlocutory nature, are disposed of on affidavit evidence alone. In cases where evidence can be conveniently and completely presented in affidavit form, its use will promote the efficient and more orderly disposal of cases. This important part of litigation practice is given a clear and comprehensive exposition by the book Affidavit Evidence.

This book presents a core subject of civil practice from the local perspective. The detailed discussion is amply supported by copious citation of case law, local as well as foreign, and the applicable statutory provisions. The practical insights provided in the book are indeed valuable and will serve well both the experienced and the newer practitioners.

The content of the book has been systematically organised and this greatly enhances its usefulness. Beginning from the fundamentals of the preparation of affidavits, the book then explores in detail the formal requirements for valid affidavits. The practical aspect of the filing and service of affidavits is discussed before an analysis is undertaken of defective affidavits as well as the available curative provisions and remedial measures. The book proceeds to a hands-on discussion of affidavits in particular proceedings, the assessment of affidavit evidence, including cross-examination on affidavits, and finishes off with a look at the effects of the making of false affidavits.

This new edition of Affidavit Evidence contains a wealth of knowledge painstakingly put together by an experienced practitioner of law. It is fully updated to take account of new developments in the law, including the Rules of Court 2012.

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Sep 2012
Hardcover, 600 pp
Author : Dr Andrew Chew Peng Hui


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