Ashton & Reid on Clubs and Associations, 3rd Edition


The diversity and complexity of the legal issues that can arise in the course of the activities of a club, society or association present numerous questions for those advising and managing those bodies for which they need guidance. Problems range from the interpretation of rules to anti-discrimination legislation. Legal issues can span alcohol licensing, company law, employment law, expulsion procedures, litigation, meetings, promotions of lotteries, property law, charities law and taxation.

Ashton & Reid on Clubs and Associations is the definitive guide to the legal framework within which clubs, societies and associations operate, bringing together the various strands of law to provide practical legal advice for these bodies, their advisers and officers.

The third edition is fully updated to cover important new case law as well as the plethora of recent legislation affecting, for example, employment law, landlord and tenant law, licensing law and tax.

The work includes a full set of model rules as well as other useful material in the Appendices.



Part 1:

The Formation and Dissolution of a ClubChapter

1: Formation of the ClubChapter

2: The Club’s Constitution or RulesChapter

3: Dissolution of the Club
Part 2:

Internal Relationships: The Club and its MembersChapter

4: Admission into the ClubChapter

5: Management of the Club’s AffairsChapter

6: Meetings of Club MembersChapter

7: Cessation and Curtailment of Club MembershipChapter

8: Ownership of the Club’s PropertyChapter

9: Supply and Sale of Alcohol by the ClubChapter

10: Entertainment Provided by the ClubChapter

11: Gaming and Lotteries Run by the Club
Part 3:

External Relationships: The Club and Third PartiesChapter

12: The Club’s Civil Liability to Third Parties

Part A: Contracts

Part B: Torts

Chapter 13: Landlord and Tenant Relationships Involving the ClubChapter

14: The Club’s Employment of Third PartiesChapter

15: The Club’s Responsibility for CrimeChapter

16: Third-Party Challenges to the Club’s DecisionsChapter

17: The Club’s Liability for Tax and Non-Domestic Rates

Part 4:

Clubs as Parties in Civil ProceedingsChapter

18: The Club’s Involvement in Civil Proceedings


David AshtonPaul W. Reid

ISBN13: 9781526505163

Published: January 2021

Format: Hardback


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