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Bills of Lading, 3rd Edition

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Author: Sir Richard Aikens, Richard Lord, Michael Bools, Michael Bolding, Kian Sing Toh
ISBN13: 9780367134372
Published: December 2020
Publisher: Informa Law from Routledge
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback

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Bills of lading form an essential part of the carriage of goods by sea and international trade. Their multi-functional nature, together with the large volume of case law and regulation, make the law in this field as complex as it is commercially vital. This bestselling book, now in its third edition, provides a detailed analysis of the law and practice applicable to bills of lading before, during, and after shipment, helping today’s busy practitioner to quickly and easily find the information they need.

This book has been fully revised and updated with all the major developments, including: reference to increasingly important Singapore and Far-Eastern decisions; an analysis of modern developments in seaworthiness, from vetting and approval clauses to the topical issues of vulnerability and piracy attacks; detailed examination of misdelivery, fraudulent or forged bills of lading, and delivery without production of a bill of lading; revised coverage of conflicts and procedural matters, including anti-suit injunctions, jurisdiction battles, and the scope of arbitration; reference to relevant European law relating to issues of jurisdiction and procedure; comprehensive treatment of switch bills, transhipment, house bills, deck carriage, and container cargo; and new material on the practical implications of electronic bills of lading, and the implications of automated vessels.

1. A Short History of the Bill of Lading
2. Definition and Classification of Bills of Lading
3. The Issue of Bills of Lading
4. Representations in the Bill of Lading
5. Delivery
6. The Bill of Lading and Property and Title to the Goods
7. The Bill of Lading as a Contract
8. Bills of Lading in Documentary Credits
9. The Transfer of Contractual Rights
10. Claims other than in Contract
11. Contractual Rights and Obligations: The Hague Rules
12. Combined Transport and Through Bills of Lading
13. Freight
14. Remedies
15. Conflict of Laws and Procedural Matters


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