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Brown & Marriott’s ADR Principles and Practice 4th ed


Brown & Marriott’s ADR Principles and Practice is the classic reference work in the UK and internationally on alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

It covers the theory, principles and practice of ADR processes, explaining the various models of practice and negotiation frequently used in ADR, including adjudication, arbitration and evaluation. Truly international in scope, it looks at the UK and Europe as well as jurisdictions such as the US, Canada, Australia, China and Singapore, the Indian sub-continent, Africa and South America where ADR practice is developing.

Provides encyclopaedic reference on all aspects of ADR
Covers strategy and principles as well as the detail of practice
Explores the wide range of issues involved in ADR, such as privilege, court-related practice, ethics and confidentiality
Examines the main fields of dispute where ADR is used, including civil-commercial, family and divorce, employment and labour, neighbourhood/community, environmental and public policy issues, and victim-offender
Features an extensive set of precedents
Considers online and telephone mediation, and the use of technologies such as video-conferencing
Looks at the psychology of dispute resolution
Discusses working with high conflict parties
Provides extensive references, case law, bibliography and links
Chapter 1: Analysing ADR;
Chapter 2: An Overview of the ADR Landscape;
Chapter 3: ADR Philosophies and Motivation: Common Values and Differences;
Chapter 4: Negotiation;
Chapter 5: ADR and the Courts;
Chapter 6: Arbitration;
Chapter 7: Contractual Adjudication and Other Adjudicatory Processes;
Chapter 8: Mediation – General Principles;
Chapter 9: Mediation – Practice Overview;
Chapter 10: Civil and Commercial Mediation;
Chapter 11: Divorce and Other Family Mediation;
Chapter 12: Neighbourhood, Community Mediation and Restorative Justice;
Chapter 13: Workplace and Employment Dispute Resolution;
Chapter 14: Mediator Attributes, Skills and Roles;
Chapter 15: Confidentiality and Privilege;
Chapter 16: Ethics and Values, Fairness and Power;
Chapter 17: Lawyers’ Role Representing Parties in Mediation;
Chapter 18: Ombudsman;
Chapter 19: Non-Binding, Evaluative ADR and Hybrid Processes;
Chapter 20: Online Dispute Resolution;
Chapter 21: Jurisdiction, Forum and Law;
Chapter 22: Future Directions;
Appendix I: Drafting, Documents and Precedents;
Appendix II: Court-Related Documents and Directives

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ISBN13: 9780414051157
Published: August 2018
Format: Hardback


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