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Chern on Dispute Boards: Practice & Procedure


Author: Cyril Chern
ISBN: 9780367085957
Date: September 2019
Format: Hardback

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Chern on Dispute Boards¬†examines the law of dispute boards and their development internationally, while also covering procedural topics that are of particular concern to those utilising dispute boards. It deals with advanced practitioner issues in the emerging law of dispute boards on an international scale, laying out their methods and methodology not only under the common law, but also under other legal systems such as Civil law and Shari’ah law. Excelling in describing the “how and why”, this book also gives samples and/or forms of actual working dispute boards that any practitioner could use and adapt to their own needs.

This updated fourth edition explains the various international formats and types of dispute boards in use today and brings readers up-to-date on the ever-evolving law within the field. The text guides the reader through the complexities of actual commercial and construction disputes and their successful resolution and also presents a way forward for the dispute board members themselves to administer actual dispute boards all over the world. This book is essential reading for construction lawyers, engineers and dispute board stakeholders worldwide.

Table of cases.
Table of legislation.
About the author.
1. The dispute board concept and philosophy
2. Types of dispute boards
3. Legal basis for dispute board
4. Case histories
5. Appointing and establishing a dispute board
6. Selection of a dispute board
7. Referral to a dispute board
8. Elements of a referral
9. Site visits
10. The hearing process
11. Board member conflicts
12. Removal of board members
13. Dispute boards – use, training and current practice
14. Development banks
15. Enforcement issues
16. Time-bar clauses, special situations and pitfalls
17. Mistake, misrepresentation, uncertainty and other issues
18. New trends
19. Additional forms.


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