Civil Remedies – 2nd Edition (Student Edition)

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The question of remedies is a practical and challenging one, invoked in almost every civil legal dispute. Civil Remedies provides a comprehensive exposition of the law on remedies applicable in contractual and commercial litigation in Malaysia. After almost 10 years, the book has updated significantly. In this second edition, the detailed exposition of the Malaysian position is greatly enhanced by a comparative analysis of English and Australian law.

  • Comprehensive exposition of law on remedies applicable in contractual and commercial litigation in Malaysia
  • Contents structured around functions of remedies and their origins (legal or equitable)
  • Highlights the role of remedies and the factors affecting their grant, particularly in relation to discretionary equitable remedies
  • Relevant statutory provisions (Contracts Act 1950 and the Specific Relief Act 1950) and huge volume of local and foreign case law carefully surveyed and analyzed to distil current principles of law
  • Book presentation carefully restructured with content outlined at the beginning of each chapter, paragraph numbers extensively cross referenced for ease of finding specific points of law and list of relevant articles.
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  • Publication Date: Aug – 2016
  • Author: Cheong May Fong & Lee Yin Harn
  • ISBN: 9789670915647
  • Format: Softcover
  • Country: Malaysia


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