Commercial Arbitration – International Trends and Practices


Given the constantly evolving character of International Arbitration, it is essential for business and international arbitration practitioners to keep abreast the latest development in the field. This book is a compendium of recent trends in International Commercial Arbitration with a particular focus on India. It provides readers with a vintage point from which they can see how this form of dispute resolution has evolved over the years and what are the current practice are.

The book brings together many accomplished authors from leading arbitration jurisdictions, providing readers a global perspective on recent developments in the practice of International arbitration in India and around the world A number of chapters in this book draw a developments in International Commercial Arbitration from an Indian perspective, while some are more general in nature.

Chapter 1—Glimpses And Gleaning Of Alternative Disputes Redressal Mechanism In India: An Overview
Chapter 2 — General Counsel’s Perspective On Dispute Resolution
Chapter 3—New Perspectives And Big Opportunities: The Case For Alternative Dispute Resolution In International Commercial Arbitration In India
Chapter 4 —Med-Arb Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts Or Becoming A Crowd
Chapter 5—Arbitrability Of Disputes In India
Chapter 6—Interim Relief In International Arbitration
Chapter 7—Emergency Arbitration: An Emerging Trend in Indian Context
Chapter 8—Anti-Suit Injunctions
Chapter 9—The Conundrum Of The Law On Anti-Arbitration Injunctions: Here To Stay?
Chapter 10—The Journey Of Section 11 Of The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
Chapter 11—Subconscious Biases In International Arbitration: Strategic Planning Of The Case
Chapter 12—Impartiality And Independence In International Commercial Arbitration: Slow Convergence, Or Every Man For Himself?
Chapter 13—An Arbitrator’s Duty To Raise Public Policy Issues In International Arbitration Ex Officio
Chapter 14—Multi-Party Arbitrations: Consolidation Of Arbitrations And Composite References
Chapter 15—Third-Party Funding In India – ‘Three’s Company Or A Crowd?
Chapter 16—Governing Law Of An Arbitration Agreement
Chapter 17—Role Of Experts And Calculation Of Economic Damages In Commercial Disputes
Chapter 18—Expedited Procedures In International Arbitration: Advantages And Potential Obstacles
Chapter 19—The Fast And The Furious Of International Arbitration: Summary Disposition Procedures In International Arbitration
Chapter 20—Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitral Awards In India: Recent Developments

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