Common Issues in Malaysian Adjudication: Guide to CIPAA 2012

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This book provides a straightforward approach to the statutory adjudication process under the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 (Act 746) (CIPAA 2012). The book guides the reader through the process of adjudication pursuant to CIPAA 2012 from its initiation to beyond the delivery of the adjudication decision. In this book, nearly 100 common issues have been identified that commonly crop up during various stages of the adjudication process.

This title focuses on a growing body of domestic cases, providing a clear exposition and discussion of the relevant case law. Utilising a problem-based approach, the Q&A format of the book provides answers to the common issues in Malaysian adjudication. Preceded by an introductory section, the reader is also provided with an overview of the construction process and the disputes that may arise, taking the reader from inception of construction work right to completion of a project.

Guides the reader through the adjudication process under CIPAA 2012 from start to finish
Views the construction process from start to finish with the disputes identified along the way
Identifies nearly 100 common issues that are of relevant during each stage of the adjudication process
Provides answers to the common issues in Malaysian adjudication
Covers a growing body of domestic cases while reference is made to English cases in other jurisdictions
Q and A format that is reader friendly where busy practitioners and students can quickly find the relevant section to their problems

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Statutory Adjudication

Chapter 2: Before the Referral

Chapter 3: Referral to Adjudication

Chapter 4: The Process After the Referral

Chapter 5: The Conduct of The Proceedings

Chapter 6: The Adjudication Decision

Chapter 7: After Adjudication Is Over

Chapter 8: Other Considerations

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Publication Date: Nov – 2020
Author: Dr. Sharizal M Zin & Sr Nik Hasbi Fathi
ISBN: 9789674009267
Format: Softcover
Country: Malaysia


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