Concise Principles of Malaysian Company Law

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Company law has assumed increasing importance to those engaged in commercial law, accountancy, and other related commercial areas. The concise yet comprehensive statements on important areas of company law in this new edition incorporate case law, legislation, recent developments, and policy issues, making this book an invaluable resource to practicing lawyers, accountants, business practitioners, officers and shareholders of companies, as well as students of law and business at all levels.

This edition introduces three new chapters on Company Secretaries, Corporate Governance and Corporate Rescue Mechanisms, along with updated commentaries on the Companies Act 2016, Companies Regulations 2017, most recent securities legislation, the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2021, and latest case law developments.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Malaysian Company Law

Chapter 2: Incorporation and Its Effects

Chapter 3: Types of Companies

Chapter 4: The Company’s Constitution

Chapter 5: The Company’s Relations with Outsiders

Chapter 6: Promoters and Pre-Incorporation Contracts

Chapter 7: Prospectus

Chapter 8: Shares

Chapter 9: Membership

Chapter 10: Dividends

Chapter 11: Debentures and Loan Capital

Chapter 12: Directors

Chapter 13: Duties of Directors

Chapter 14: The Company Secretary

Chapter 15: Meetings

Chapter 16: Company Accounts and Annual Returns

Chapter 17: Auditors

Chapter 18: Members’ Remedies

Chapter 19: Regulation of Listed Companies

Chapter 20: Corporate Governance

Chapter 21: Take-over Regulations

Chapter 22: Schemes of Arrangement and Reconstruction

Chapter 23: Corporate Rescue Mechanisms

Chapter 24: Receivership

Chapter 25: Liquidation

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Publication Date : Sep – 2021
Author : Anil Joshi, Shanthy Thuraisingham & Sujata Balan
ISBN : 9789674009977
Format : Softcover
Country : Malaysia


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