Constitutional and Administrative Law Eleventh Edition (IN FAIR CONDITION)


This is a systematic account of a key topic in student law courses, and also an introduction to the literature of public law. This is a major textbook, covering all aspects of the subject – which is a required topic for entry into the legal profession in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is also studied by all law students in Scotland. The changes to this edition include: the Public Order Act 1986, the Official Secrets Act, the Security Service Act and the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act, all of 1989 – measures that directly affect the individual’s civil liberties. It examines the increasing impact on Britain of the law of the European Communities and asks whether the United Kingdom needs a new Bill of Rights to keep national law in line with the European convention on Human Rights. Although the approach remains essentially the same as previous editions its structure has been revised. Much new material is included, ensuring the book is up-to-date and relevant to the study of law, government and politics today.

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Author: E.C.S. Wade and A.W. Bradley


ISBN: 0582082390


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