Corporate Governance and Ethics


The principles of corporate governance and ethics collectively serve as necessary checks and balances to curb the misconduct of corporations. This practitioner-oriented book reviews the development and practical application of governance in the corporate sector with some attention given to the public sector too. The authors have clearly and concisely explained the salient principles of corporate governance and ethics and have included discussion on relevant regulatory bodies (such as the Securities Commission Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia), statutes, codes and guidelines (such as the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2021 (“MCCG 2021”) and the Bank Negara Policy Document on Corporate Governance for financial institutions), challenges in the implementation of the regulatory framework of corporate governance, and enforcement and compliance of relevant legislation (such as the Companies Act 2016).

A whole chapter dedicated to case studies gives due attention to key cases to further illustrate high-profile breaches of corporate governance in Malaysia, serving as a cautionary tale to company directors and shareholders alike.

This book is invaluable to company directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders who will benefit from the book’s succinct guidance to compliance with the Malaysian legal and regulatory regime.


Provides a clear and concise analysis of the legal and regulatory requirements surrounding corporate governance and ethics by using case studies
Explains the concept of corporate governance and the framework within which it is implemented
Explores the roles played by different regulatory institutions
Considers corporate governance in both the public and private sectors
Analyses the requirements of the MCCG 2021
Provides valuable and instructive case studies to promote better corporate governance
Introduces global regulatory trends
Surveys ethical considerations in corporate governance
Includes the full text of the MCCG 2021 as issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia

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Authors: Nik Norzrul Thani, Izahar Izham & Liya Saffura

Pub Date: December 2021

Format:DUO (Paperback + ProView eBook)

DUO ISBN: 9789672723127

Format: Paperback + ProView eBook Only


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