Employment Law Manual For Practitioners 3rd Edition


Author: Maimunah Aminuddin
Publication Date: Aug 2020
ISBN: 9789674571511
Format: Hardcover
Country: Malaysia

Category: Product ID: 6325


This new edition of the Manual offers a complete guide on employment law in the workplace. It covers the Employment Act of 1955, the Minimum Retirement Age Act of 2012, the Employment Insurance System Act of 2017, the Industrial Relations Act of 1967, and the Trade Unions Act of 1959, as well as all other employment-related legislation, some of which has been modified in recent years. Instances from case law are offered with each employment law description to demonstrate the ideas and examples of excellent practise that are advised to human resource practitioners and anybody advising these practitioners. The author goes through each topic in great detail.

The Manual also explains some of the late-2019 revisions to the Industrial Relations Act that have yet to be enacted.


Chapter 1: Employment Contracts, The Employment Act and Related Legislation
Appendix I – Statutory Forms Under the Employment Act
Chapter 2: Social Security and Employee Protection
Appendix II
Chapter 3: Safety and Health Laws
Appendix III
Chapter 4: The Industrial Court
Appendix IV – Statutory Forms: The Industrial Court
Chapter 5: Termination of Employment
Appendix V
Chapter 6: The Industrial Relations System
Appendix VI
Appendix A: Employment Law Issues Arising Out of The Covid-19 Virus Pandemic


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