An Empowering Vision and Policy Framework for Action


SCRIPT stands for Sustainability, Care & Compassion, Respect, Innovation, Prosperity, and Trust – six Malaysian values at the core of this living document which both lays out Anwar Ibrahim’s vision for a stronger, better Malaysia and provides a method of developing policies fit the contemporary and increasingly complex world in which we live. This book builds on Anwar Ibrahim’s more than four decades of experience in public service heading key ministries in the Malaysian government, leading various international development and peace organizations, and his time educating at leading universities around the world. Anwar Ibrahim has taken this experience and synthesized it with the thoughts of some of the greatest minds from around the world, and the input of the people of Malaysia he has listened to and learned from throughout his career.


7 – Introduction

23 – Our Vision

25- The SCRIPT Narrative

26-SCRIPT Policy Framework

34- SCRIPT Drivers & Policies

35 – Sustainability

51- Care and Compassion

65- Respect

79 – Innovation

95 – Prosperity

109- Trust

124- SCRIPT for a Post- Covid Malaysia

138- SCRIPT for Navigating Cost Of Living

152- Priority Policies for a Better Malaysia

157- Epilogue

159- Acknowledgements

161- Sources




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Author: Anwar Ibrahim
Publisher: Institut Darul Ehsan
ISBN: 9789672066415
Year: 2022

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