Family Law in Malaysia – 2nd Ed

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This book provides for the current legal position of family law for non-Muslims in Malaysia. This essentially concerns situations before marriage, during marriage, after divorce and issues pertaining to children. This publication is intended to be an academic reference in the legal study and also a reference for potential researchers intending to conduct research on family law in Malaysia.

This publication also incorporates discussion on the amendments to Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce Act) 1976, amendments to Domestic Violence Act 1994 and recent decided cases concerning family law in Malaysia. This edition has also included a new chapter on the socio-legal issues related to family law which will assist readers to understand the substance and procedural nature of the subject.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Historical Outline of Family Law for Non-Muslim in Malaysia

Chapter 2 Promise to Marry (Betrothal)

Chapter 3 Domicile and Residence

Chapter 4 Marriage Requirements

Chapter 5 Effects of Marriage on Personal Status and Property of Married Women

Chapter 6 The Law on Domestic Violence

Chapter 7 Nullity of Marriage

Chapter 8 Dissolution of Marriage

Chapter 9 Ancillary Claims

Chapter 10 Parent and Child

Chapter 11 Socio-Legal Issues in Family Law

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  • Publication Date: Aug – 2022
  • Author : Akbar Kamarudin @ Abdul Shukor, Daleleer Kaur Randawar & Nur Ezan Rahmat
  • ISBN: 9789672701507
  • Format: Softcover
  • Country: Malaysia

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