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FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books


FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver books provides a unique drafter’s-perspective clause-by-clause analysis of the 2017 editions of the FIDIC contracts. Readers will understand how each sub-clause is interlinked and how to minimise and avoid future disputes through the accurate interpretation of clauses.

Key features:

  • Provides a detailed clause-by-clause analysis of the 2017 FIDIC Conditions of Contract
    • Red Book – Works of Civil Engineering Construction
    • Yellow Book – Electrical and Mechanical Works including Erection on Site
    • Silver Book – EPC/Turnkey Projects
  • Takes the reader through each clause and explains their purpose and effect
  • Explains how each sub-clause should be interpreted
  • Provides information on the risks and pitfalls that can affect parties in their interpretation of the clauses
  • Details how each sub-clause is interlinked and the consequences of their being used or changed
  • Guides the user through how to use the various sub-clauses such as to minimise or avoid future disputes
  • Explains the rationale behind FIDIC’s decision to bring out the new contracts, such as resolving where previous clauses led to disputes
  • Gives an overview of the changes between the 2017 and 1999 editions and why they were considered important
  • Illustrates the concepts with frequent use of flow charts and diagrams showing how the contract processes are intended to operate

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Authors:Leo Grutters; Brian Barr
ISBN:  9780414058453


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