Frustration and Force Majeure 3rd ed


The new 3rd edition of Frustration and Force Majeure provides a thorough examination of the principles governing the conflict between the sanctity of contract and the discharge of contractual obligations in response to supervening events.

It guides practitioners through a list of supervening events that may be encountered in any commercial transaction, setting out the statutory principles involved, and discussing their interpretation by the courts in a number of common law jurisdictions.

  • Discusses in detail the development of the doctrine of frustration within the law of contract
  • Examines impossibility, impracticability, prospective frustration and illegality as grounds for discharge from contractual obligations
  • Considers the special factors affecting land and leases
  • Considers the effects of frustration, including automatic and total discharge, mitigation in respect of discharge, and problems created by one-sided or partial performance
  • Discusses contractual provision for supervening events, including force majeure clauses
  • Explores recent case law in detail, highlighting developments in judicial thinking
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Author: Guenter Treitel

ISBN13: 9780414028531


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