General Principles of Contract Law | 2005


Author: S. Santhana Dass
Date of Publication: 2005
ISBN: 9834056516
Newer Edition9789672049234, 2nd Edition
Format: (Soft Cover / Hard Cover)
Country: Malaysia

“This book explains contractual rights and remedies in a way that’s easy to understand for the general public, law students, lawyers, and judges, serving as a concise resource for newcomers and a useful tool for legal professionals.”

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This book discusses the major principles of the contractual rights and remedies available to a person in the terms that would be meaningful to: people at large whose daily life is touched by contractual relationships, the law students who study these principles, legal practitioners who apply these principles and the members of the judiciary who interpret and adjudicate upon them. To that end, an attempt has been made to explain legal concepts in as simplified a manner as is possible. Despite the efforts it is unavoidable that many legal concepts have to be included for the sake of precision and to acquaint the reader with the language of the law.

This book is not intended to be a comprehensive text-book on the subject as compared to those written by eminent authors like Mr. Andrew Phang and Dato’ Seri Visu Sinnadurai. It is meant to be a quick reference book for: the general public who are in the process of getting themselves acquainted with the subject and the student who is in pursuit of knowledge in contract law. For the legal practitioners and members of the judiciary, I hope it would be an important and useful tool.

Table of Contents:
1. The Evolution of Malaysian Contract Law
2. Formation of a Contract
3. Section I – Extrinsic Evidence & Collateral Contract
– Section II – Exemption / Exclusion Clauses
4. Voidable Contracts
5. Void Contracts
6. Performance & Discharge
7. Damages
8. Specific Performance
9. Injunctions
– Index

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