Guide to Legal Analysis and Writing, Second Edition


ISBN: 9789815019551
Author: Ong Ee Ing
Format: Paperback
Year: Feb 2023
Publisher: Lexis Nexis (Singapore)

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A practical book that provides tools for effective legal writing and communication for students and newcomers to the law.

Key Features
• Teaches effective legal writing and communication
• Makes legal research, analysis, and writing accessible to students and newcomers to the law
• Provides effective tools for legal writing and analysis which can be readily applied in practice


Table of contents
Chapter 1 Understanding Caselaw
Chapter 2 Understanding Statutes
Part II: Legal Analysis
Chapter 3 Facts
Chapter 4 Laws
Chapter 5 Applying Law to Facts
Part III: The Art of (Legal) Writing
Chapter 6 Before Writing
Chapter 7 When Writing
Part IV: Predictive and Persuasive Writing
Chapter 8 Predictive Writing (Legal Memorandums)
Chapter 9 Predictive Writing (Research Papers)
Chapter 10 Client Communications
Chapter 11 Persuasive Writing
Part V: Survival Tips
Chapter 12 Surviving Law School
Chapter 13 Surviving Practice

About the author
Ong Ee Ing is a Senior Lecturer at Singapore Management University Yong Pung How School of Law. Her primary areas of teaching are Legal Research & Writing, Ethics & Social Responsibility, as well as Mergers & Acquisitions. Her teaching incorporates her experiences in legal practice and focuses on the need to integrate both theory and practice in the law. She has received several teaching awards. Ee Ing conducts research in the area of legal pedagogy, focusing on ways to improve student learning and writing in the legal field. Her other research interests include the intersection of AI and ethics, particularly with regard to privacy concerns. Before joining SMU, Ee Ing was a corporate lawyer in an international law firm. During her time in practice, she worked on a wide range of complex international finance and merger & acquisition transactions.

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