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Introduction to Principles & Liabilities in Criminal Law, 2nd Edition


Designed to serve as an introduction and guide to students, this Second Edition has now been expanded to thirteen chapters characterized by a selection of topics that presents the nature of substantive criminal law and criminal responsibility. The flow and structure of this selection of topics will undoubtedly enable the student an easier understanding of the objectives, rationale, and complex nature of criminal law.

In addition to the basic principles of criminal law, the chapters focus on the corresponding liabilities, for example, the legal responsibilities for the acts or omissions of a person. These principles and liabilities are supported by reference to criminal law provisions together with other jurisdictions of criminal law that are in pari materia with the Malaysian Penal Code; along with a wealth of cases from Malaysia, Singapore, and Commonwealth countries especially India.
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Table of Contents 

Chapter 1 Elements of Criminal Liability 

Chapter 2 Criminal Liability 

Chapter 3 Actus Reus and Causation 

Chapter 4 Attempt 

Chapter 5 Group Liability 

Chapter 6 Justificatory Defences of Consent and Necessity 

Chapter 7 Private Defence 

Chapter 8 Mens Rea 

Chapter 9 Excusatory Defences of Accident, Duress, Infancy, 

Mistake and Slight Harm 

Chapter 10 Unsound Mind and Intoxication 

Chapter 11 Mitigatory Exceptions 

Chapter 12 Witnesses and Means of Proof 

Chapter 13 Theories of Punishment

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Published: 10 September 2012
ISBN/ISSN: 9789674001025
Publisher: LexisNexis
Country: Malaysia


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