Law of Evidence in Malaysia by Mariette Peters

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Law of Evidence in Malaysia provides a succinct, systematic explanation of the subject’s core ideas. It is a thorough and organised manual on the law of evidence. It will be a useful tool for practitioners and law students to gain a thorough understanding of the topic. This book gives the reader a clear and insightful picture of the contemporary legal situation. It is written in a way that is straightforward and simple to read in order to help with the application and understanding of the law of evidence.

Table of Contents of Law of Evidence in Malaysia

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Burden of Proof
Chapter 3 Presumptions
Chapter 4 Estoppel
Chapter 5 Relevancy
Chapter 6 Hearsay
Chapter 7 Admissions
Chapter 8 Similar Fact Evidence
Chapter 9 Character Evidence
Chapter 10 Opinion Evidence
Chapter 11 Proof
Chapter 12 Documentary Evidence
Chapter 13 Witnesses
Chapter 14 Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 15 Improper Admission and Rejection of Evidence

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Author: Mariette Peters

Publication Date: 2013

ISBN: 9789674001865

Format: Softcover

Publisher: Lexis Nexis


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