Legal Aspects of Hire Purchase in Malaysia, 2nd Edition | 2019


Authors: Abdul Shukor Ahmad
Publication Date: Aug 2019
ISBN: 9789672187967
Previous Edition:  9789839908343, 1st Edition
Format: DUO (Hardback + Proview)
Country: Malaysia

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This book deals with the general principles of the law and practice of hire-purchase. It seeks to illuminate, through the aid of cases and applicable statutory provisions, specific areas which are fundamental to a hire-purchase transaction. This accessible primer on the subject deals specifically with the hire-purchase transaction that falls within the purview of the Hire-Purchase Act 1967.

The book also includes a careful analysis and discussion of Islamic Hire-Purchase. The salient elements of a conventional hire-purchase transaction, from the terms of a Hire-Purchase Agreement to repossession are discussed here in detail. Also included are annotated forms and precedents, including forms of letters of demand and termination, a statement of claim, an application for repossession, and a variation agreement. The precedents may be downloaded in Word format through ProView for easy editing and customizing by the user.

Key Features:
– Contains a wealth of practical guidance on hire-purchase law and procedure
– Fully up-to-date with relevant statutory provisions
– Replete with invaluable leading case authorities
– Appendix contains invaluable forms and precedents which are downloadable through ProView for use by practitioners

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Hire-Purchase Agreement
Chapter 3: The Hire-Purchase Price
Chapter 4: Terms in Hire-Purchase Agreements
Chapter 5: Exclusion Clauses in Hire-Purchase Contracts
Chapter 6: Third Parties under a Hire-Purchase Agreement
Chapter 7: Transfer of Title and Assignment by the Hirer
Chapter 8: Early Completion and Voluntary Early Termination of the Hiring by the Hirer
Chapter 9: Termination and Recovery of Possession
Chapter 10: Rights of a Hirer After Repossession
Chapter 11: Money Claims by the Owner
Chapter 12: Claims by Third Parties against Goods let out under a Hire-Purchase Agreement
Chapter 13: Power of the Court and Proceedings arising out of Hire-Purchase
Chapter 14: Islamic Hire-Purchase
Chapter 15: Hire-Purchase and Consumer Protection Legislation
Appendix: Forms and Precedents


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