This is a novel and amusing collection of the well-known stories of ancient mythology brought into Court and dressed in the garb of a modern trial.

It forms a happy blend of the real and the imaginary, in which ancient and modem conditions are brought together with the most diverting results. The drawings catch the spirit of the Author’s humour with telling effect.

Here are a few of the points arising in these actions:-

  • HELEN OF TROY : Ten years’ efforts by petitioner to induce respondent to return.
  • THE MINOTAUR : Defendant on premises for the purpose of being devoured.
  • JUPITER : Impersonation of husband by divine co-respondent.
  • THE GOLDEN FLEECE : Company en¬gaging in yoking fire-breathing bulls and other agricultural pursuits.

The book should prove an acceptable gift for the discriminating reader. Informative, accurate in point of law, the cases are not too technical to be appreciated by the general reader.

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Author : A.Laurence Polak

Illustrated by : Diana Pullinger

Published: July 1945
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback


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