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Limitation Periods, Ninth edition

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Limitation Periods by Professor Andrew McGee is a well-established and definitive text now in its ninth edition. Professor McGee steers practitioners through the complexities of the law of limitations, giving detailed guidance in all areas of law from preliminary issues to proceedings. The book is designed to help bring action in good time and remedy delays that may lead to striking out. The book covers European and international limitation issues.

  • Provides guidance on time limitations in all areas of law, from preliminary issues to proceedings. In a notoriously complex and confusing area of law – with over 150 statutory time limits appropriate to specific causes of action – this time-proven title cuts through the complexity to focus on what you need to know, saving you research and planning time
  • Tells when time starts to run, how long the limitation period is, and the consequences of expiry in differing circumstances – therefore helps the practitioner manage casework so that actions are begun within the required period
  • Although with the expiry of the limitation period the conventional remedy is barred, the plaintiff’s right is not extinguished. The book points out the options still available on expiry and the many exceptions to the rules that may apply
  • The chapters are arranged so that actions in different areas of law are dealt with separately. The chapter on Disability, for example, explains the disabilities covered and the protections provided for the running (and stopping) of limitation periods for such persons
  • All procedural matters are covered, with separate chapters on, for example, Pleading Questions (examining the issues arising from the pleading of a limitation point: how and when to plead, the burden of proof, foregoing the statute, estoppel, etc.) and Procedural Delays
  • Analyses the judgments in new case law, such as the Supreme Court judgment in Test Claimants in the Franked Investment Income Group Litigation v Revenue and Customs Commissioners and the Court of Appeal in Matthew v Sedman, and explains the implications for future actions and decisions.
  • Covers European, including updates following Brexit, and international limitation period issues

Definition, Background, and Policy
The Running and Expiry of Time
The Relevance of the Remedy
Actions Founded on Tort
The Latent Damage Act 1986
The Consumer Protection Act 1987
Personal Injuries and Defamation
Judicial Review and Other Crown Proceedings
Accrual of Cause of Action in Contract
Actions to Recover Sums Due Under Statute
Personal Property
Real Property
Trustees and Personal Representatives
Miscellaneous Cases
Acknowledgment and Part-payment
DisabilityFraud, Concealment, and Mistake
Pleading Questions
Procedural Delays
Section 35
The Merchant Shipping Act 1995
The Foreign Limitation Periods Act 1984
The Carriage Statutes
Other Statutes
European Law

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Published: July 2022
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback
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