M P Jain And S N Jain- Principles Of Administrative Law, 7th Updated Edition


Author(s): M P Jain and S N Jain
ISBN: 9788180389733
Format: Hard Cover
Publish Year: January 2013

Category: Product ID: 9010


Administrative law represents the growth of an ever-evolving branch of jurisprudence. It deals with the powers of the government and control thereof. The rapid growth of administrative law in modern times is the direct result of the tremendous growth of administrative powers of government officials and functions undertaken by the State. This growth has led to increasing concern for good governance through increased transparency, accountability, and public participation in the administration. The judiciary too has increasingly become more active in dealing with administrative arbitrariness. A leading treatise on the subject for over four decades, M P Jain & S N Jain’s Principles of Administrative Law provides a clear enunciation of the principles of Indian administrative law. This updated edition takes into account all new developments that have evolved through a number of significant judicial pronouncements, the focus of which has been to strengthen procedural and substantive safeguards vis-a-vis the administration. The increasing contact of the individual with the administrative machinery makes this book an ideal reference for judges, advocates, government officials, academicians, students, and interested citizens.


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