Major Works – Malaysian Precedents and Forms

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The Malaysian Precedents & Forms is a leading source of non-contentious precedents in terms of the breadth and authority of its contents. It is an encompassing series that caters to the needs of both specialist and non-specialist practitioners. The publication offers access to an unrivalled collection of precedents covering non-contentious work.

Key Features

Comprehensive – contains complete precedents, alternative clauses, official forms and ancillary documentation (model letters etc.) to provide the reader with useful supporting information.

Useful source of reference for legal practitioners, mediators, administrators of estates and professionals from various practice areas, (banking/ corporate/ insurance).

The Commentary
•Provides expert synopsis of the relevant Malaysian law, outlining the law with practical notes.
•Where necessary, provides drafting techniques and guidance on the selections of clauses for a given type of document.
•Supported by footnotes which set out the case and legislative authorities, other reference works and extensive cross-referencing.

The “Checklist & Aids”
•Offers a step-by-step practical guide for the management of assignments from inception
•Provides guidance on the selection and adaptation of the appropriate precedent
•Full cross-referred to the ’Commentary’ and ‘Precedents & Forms’

The ‘Precedents & Forms’
•Precedents drafted by experts
•Generally provides complete precedents but where necessary employs the master form concept followed by optional individual model cause

1• 1(1), 1(2) & 1(3): Banking & Finance
2• 2(1) & 2(2): Commercial Contracts & Precedents
3• 3(1) & 3(2): Conveyencing
4• 4(1), 4(2) & 4(3): Corporations.
6• (1) & 6(2): Family
7• Information Technology Contracts
8•(1) & 8(2): Insurance
9•(1) & 9(2): Industrial & Intellectual Property
10• Landlord and Tenant
11• Shipping
12• (1) & 12(2): Wills & Administration of Estates
13• Immegration
14• (1) & 14(2): Land
15• Alternative Dispute Resolution

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