Malaysian Conveyancing – 2022 Desk Edition (3 Vols)

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This Desk Edition of our Malaysian Conveyancing sets out the practice and procedure of conveyancing in Malaysia. It covers a conveyancing transaction from the point parties appoint a lawyer in a property sale and purchase transaction, until the sale is completed and ownership is transferred.

This book is particularly relevant to conveyancing lawyers as it focuses on the procedure involved in conveyancing transactions. It provides commentary on general conveyancing practice, and includes extracts from legislation, schedules, forms, checklists, court decisions and practice directions. This is a must-have book for conveyancing lawyers and real estate professionals.

Table of Contents

Division I: Note on the Format/Introduction

Division II: The Conveyancing Transaction

Division III: Precedents

Division IV: Extracts from Various Conveyancing Legislation

Division V: Schedules and Forms

Division VI: Commentary on Conveyancing Matters

Division VII: Extracts from Recent Conveyancing Decisions

Division VIII: Co-Ownership

Division X: Miscellaneous Legislation

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  • Publication Date: Jun – 2022
  • Author : Judith Sihombing, Wong Hua Siong, Sarah Kambali & Andrew Davis
  • ISBN: 9789672701408
  • Format: Softcover
  • Country: Malaysia


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