Malaysian Insurance Law | 2nd Edition (Student’s Edition)

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Authors: Cheah You Sum, Hasani Mohd Ali, Ruzian Markom
ISBN: 9786297527505
Publication Date: Oct 2023
Country: Malaysia
Format: (Paperback)

Malaysian Insurance Law, Second Edition delves into the intricate world of insurance law in Malaysia with invaluable insights into the principles and practical aspects and its legal framework and regulations. The First Edition, published in 2018, has established itself as the leading reference of insurance law to Malaysian practitioners and students, regulators, supervisory authorities, and insurance industry professionals, providing a comprehensive resource catering to the required knowledge of insurance law.

The text explains the history of insurance practices and sources of insurance law in Malaysia, and essentially discusses the crucial principles and concepts central to insurance law, such as insurable interest, the principles to form an insurance contract, warranties in insurance contracts, and the doctrine of misrepresentation and non-disclosure in insurance and takaful contracts. The discussions further explore the principle of indemnity, subrogation and contribution, doctrine of proximate cause in insurance, claims, agents and brokers, and the legal and regulatory framework of insurance practices in Malaysia.

This updated Second Edition highlights the key cases that have emerged since the release of the First Edition, particularly in the areas encompassing the principle of insurable interest and utmost good faith. The text is reviewed and revised by two new authors, both of whom are eminent legal scholars and insurance law researchers. Two additional chapters discussing the intermediaries of insurance business and regulation of insurance entities are introduced in this edition.

Malaysian Insurance Law, Second Edition is an up-to-date and essential resource for insurance practitioners, legal professionals, academics, students, and anyone seeking to understand the nuances of the insurance industry in Malaysia.

New in this edition
– Critical and meticulous analysis of pivotal recent court precedents, while the most up-to-date revisions in case law pertinent to the subject matter are incorporated
– Particular emphasis on jurisprudential shifts pertaining to the principles of insurable interest and utmost good faith within the realm of insurance law
– Expansion of content with two additional chapters explaining the topics of intermediaries (agents and brokers) and regulation of insurance entities
– Renowned academic contributions by two esteemed legal scholars and researchers who joined the authoring team, enriching the content with their expertise

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