Mallal’s Criminal Procedure – 8th Edition


Over a period of fifty-five years, Dr Bashir Mallal’s progressive editions of Mallal’s Criminal Procedure have established an enviable and respected tradition. This Eighth Edition continues Dr Mallal’s aims of providing the legal profession with an authoritative and practical guide to the criminal procedure and practice of both the Superior and Subordinate Courts in Malaysia.

Mallal’s Criminal Procedure contains detailed annotations to all the sections of the Criminal Procedure Code. These annotations, supported by relevant authorities, explain and analyse important aspects of criminal procedure as well as provide useful information such as the history of each section and similarities, if any, to the Indian Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and the Singapore Criminal Procedure Code 2010. They facilitate a better understanding of criminal procedure and serve as signposts for further research.

Other important contents of this edition include the Comparative Table and latest statutory amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code which have come into force since the previous edition was published. Mallal’s Criminal Procedure contains detailed annotations to sections 1-445 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The annotations to each section have been organised according to the following:

  • Scope (or synopsis) of section
  •  Cross-references to statutes, encyclopaedias and textbooks
  •  Amendments
  • Annotations
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  • Publication Date : Nov – 2020
  • Author : Tan Sri James Foong & Tan Sri Zainun Ali (Consulting Editors)
  • ISBN : 9789674009304
  • Format : Hardcover
  • Country : Malaysia
  • Publication Year : Nov – 2020


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