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Mergers & Acquisition in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Approach


by Christopher Kummer, Franz Ferdinand Eiffe, Wolfgang Mölzer, Andre Gan, Teo Ee Von
Published: 2014
ISBN: 9789674002473

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Mergers & Acquisition in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Approach is the perfect companion for businesses and professionals who require a better understanding of the M&A process in Malaysia. It is also a handy book for entry-level legal practitioners who require an easy-to-understand guide to the business aspects of M&A.

Mergers & Acquisition in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Step Step-by-Step Approach gives us an overview of the regulatory framework governing Mergers and Acquisitions in Malaysia. It summarizes the most accurate and understandable strategies, analytical tools, and measures on corporate acquisitions and disposals including the planning, organization, and implementation works; synergies, integration, and post-acquisition management controlling; processes and challenges in business valuation; and corporate sales and auctions.

This book is the result of the cooperation of international experts in Mergers and acquisitions combined with deep local and global expertise and experience in legal matters. Despite the fact that it is extremely challenging to complete M&A deals successfully, we hope that this book will provide a practical guide as to how to succeed in making these types of transactions. Unlike many other books on this subject, we would like to give the audience a very practical guide, emphasizing the main points without the readers getting lost in confusing details.



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