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Minority Shareholders’ Right and Remedies, Third Edition


Author: Margaret Chew
Published: Oct 2017
ISBN: 9789814770941
Format: Softcover

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The third edition presents a comprehensive look at the rights and remedies of minority shareholders in Singapore.

This book, now in its third edition, looks at personal actions, common law derivative actions, oppression actions under Section 216 of the Companies Act, statutory derivative actions under Section 216A, and the just and equitable foundation of winding up under Section 254(1) of the Companies Act (i). This title is intended for students or practitioners who want to learn more about this topic of company law.

This is the only book on the market that examines the rights and remedies of minority shareholders in Singapore. The first two editions (2000, 2007) were in high demand, and the third edition (2017) tries to bring the text up to speed with the many changes that have occurred in this field over the last decade.


Chapter 1: Majority Rule and Minority Protection
Chapter 2: Personal Actions
Chapter 3: Common Law Derivative Actions
Chapter 4: Oppression Actions
Chapter 5: Just and Equitable Winding Up
Chapter 6: Statutory Derivative Actions
Appendix 1: Sections 216, 216A, 216B, and 392 of the Companies Act, Cap 50, (Rev Ed, 2006), Statutes of Singapore
Appendix 2: Sections 345 to 350 and 582 of the Malaysian Companies Act 2016
Appendix 3: Sections 260 to 264 and 994 to 996 of the UK Companies Act 2006
Appendix 4: Sections 232 and 242 and 1322 of the Australian Corporations Act 2001
Appendix 5: Sections 238 to 242 of the Canada Business Corporations Act 1985
Appendix 6: Sections 165 to 168 and 174, 175, and 177 of the New Zealand Companies Act 1993
Appendix 7: Sections 723 to 725, and 731 to 738 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) 2014


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