MP Jain Administrative Law of Malaysia (Softcover)

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This comprehensive text covers both the jurisprudential and practical aspects of Administrative Law in Malaysia. Chapters such as nature and scope of Administrative Law, Rule of Law, and Administrative power provide an essential starting point for in-depth understanding of this area of the law while chapters such as Controls over subsidiary legislation, Natural justice, Judicial control over exercise of discretionary powers, and Government liability, enable readers to understand the procedural and substantive dimensions of Administrative Law in practice.

In this current edition, the book has been updated to include recent developments of Malaysian Administrative Law such as those relating to reviewability of administrative actions and decisions, separation of powers and application of constitutional provisions in judicial review applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Need for Administrative Law and the reasons for its growth

Chapter 2: Nature and scope of Administrative Law

Chapter 3: Rule of law

Chapter 4: Separation of powers

Chapter 5: Subsidiary legislation

Chapter 6: Controls over subsidiary legislation (1)

Chapter 7: Controls over subsidiary legislation (2)

Chapter 8: Administrative Adjudication

Chapter 9: Natural justice: when can it be claimed?

Chapter 10: Principles of natural justice

Chapter 11: Rule against bias

Chapter 12: Failure of natural justice

Chapter 13: Administrative power

Chapter 14: Discretionary powers (1)

Chapter 15: Discretionary powers (2)

Chapter 16: Sub-delegation of powers

Chapter 17: Government liability

Chapter 18: Right to information

Chapter 19: Judicial control of administrative action (1)

Chapter 20: Judicial control of administrative action (2)

Chapter 21: Ombudsman

Chapter 22: Public undertakings

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  • Publication Date: Nov – 2020
  • Author : Dato Seri Mohd Hishamudin Yunus, Dr Saw Tiong Guan, Himahlini Ramalingam & Lee Ting Han
  • ISBN: 9789674008741
  • Format: Softcover
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Publication Year: Nov – 2020


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