Navigating Employment Disputes in Malaysia

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Employment disputes may often be confined to specific issues, but they can be complex and unpredictable because of the human element. This book aims to guide those who face the unenviable task of managing an employment dispute, whether personally or on behalf of their company. This resource is suitable for business owners, human resources professionals, industrial relations practitioners, and employees who want a deeper understanding of navigating employment disputes.

Key Features

Employment law simplified: Legal information is explained in simple, easy to understand English. No jargon.
Current trends and new developments: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the employment landscape. This book covers some of the latest employment issues arising from the pandemic, and new employment trends taking place.
Context: Key information is put into context through usable and sensible examples.
Practical Tips: Knowing the law is half the battle; the other half is implementing your knowledge in a commercially sound manner. Practical tips are included on how to deal with specific employment disputes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Employment Law?

Chapter 2: Essential Rights of Employees

Chapter 3: Common Disputes Regarding the Nature of


Chapter 4: The Employment Courts

Chapter 5: Unfair Dismissal Claims in the Industrial Court

Chapter 6: Just Cause and Excuse

Chapter 7: Other Ways an Employment Can End

Chapter 8: Interlocutory Applications at the Industrial Court

Chapter 9: Enforcement of an Industrial Court Award

Chapter 10: Challenging an Industrial Court Award

Chapter 11: Inquiries before the Director General of Labour

Chapter 12: Trade Unions

Chapter 13: Civil Claims

Chapter 14: Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Chapter 15: Dealing with Litigation

Chapter 16: Looking Forward: New Trends

Chapter 17: Concluding Remarks

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Publication Date : Nov – 2021
Author : Donovan Cheah
ISBN : 9789672701040
Format : Softcover
Country : Malaysia


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